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Some people out there feel so famous to see their face in the newspapers. Those pussies and dick heads do not understand that it was just a section of the newspaper which needed to be filled with some everyday shit. They start to feel important when they see their small photos in the newspapers.

It is always great to get your name in a local newspaper but people do not care a shit. They forget quickly. So, no need to feel proud if you got your small interview and photo in newspapers. The worst is to come when people get graduated. It is like a cumshot of graduates photos in the newspaper just to show off. No one care about your fucking photos.

These were my humble views on “people”.

The previous comments made me laugh and I do not care a shithead about those people who got Mexican fire under their asses. They only proved that my views are again right. I do not understand the problem of some carpet munchers around. I do not even reply to the defensive comments and they want to prove that they are right.

I love this side of them. The more you do not give them importance, the more they will act like cum bubbles to draw attention. Many people got angry because of my blog posts and worst is that I do not care of their views but they keep on barking.

I have a blog to write about my views and not to act as some suckers to please each others and scratch your cunt as you read.

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  1. November 12, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Well make me remember a SLIPKNOT song called ….”People equal Shit” lol šŸ˜›

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