November 6, 2009 1 comment

Some people out there feel so famous to see their face in the newspapers. Those pussies and dick heads do not understand that it was just a section of the newspaper which needed to be filled with some everyday shit. They start to feel important when they see their small photos in the newspapers.

It is always great to get your name in a local newspaper but people do not care a shit. They forget quickly. So, no need to feel proud if you got your small interview and photo in newspapers. The worst is to come when people get graduated. It is like a cumshot of graduates photos in the newspaper just to show off. No one care about your fucking photos.

These were my humble views on “people”.

The previous comments made me laugh and I do not care a shithead about those people who got Mexican fire under their asses. They only proved that my views are again right. I do not understand the problem of some carpet munchers around. I do not even reply to the defensive comments and they want to prove that they are right.

I love this side of them. The more you do not give them importance, the more they will act like cum bubbles to draw attention. Many people got angry because of my blog posts and worst is that I do not care of their views but they keep on barking.

I have a blog to write about my views and not to act as some suckers to please each others and scratch your cunt as you read.

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Threatening Comments

October 31, 2009 5 comments

The mentality and projected innocence of some Mauritians suck. My previously published blog posts were not appreciated by many bloggers in the Mauritian Blogging Community and it lead to hatred and threatening comments. This proves that my views on the blogging community are true because many of the bloggers hate me because I dared to talk about the truth.

Some of the bloggers did not react but some of them were psychologically affected with the disease called guilt. Guilt is of course not an emotion. It is simply a gleefully painful social anaesthetic for those bloggers. My come back was unwanted and a surprise for many. Hate Me!!! I do not care how much you can hate because this is not going to change the fact that many of you are so narrow minded. Since the last 3 days I have been watching their reaction and fight. On one side I see a group of bloggers who agree with my opinion and on the other side I see a herd of intellectual pigs trying all that they can to eclipse this blog.

It is a terrible thing when an intellectual pig encounters an idea as a reality and this is what is happening right now. I am sure many bloggers came across the outclassed ones in their blogs. The outclassed ones being bloggers with failures and a disease called jealousy.


My first blog post was to ignite the fire and make the Rumple Foreskin bloggers to show their true face. Lame bloggers of Mauritius sent threatening and hatred comment and again this prove my views of the previous posts. After reading the revelation that i’d written, many bloggers felt targeted and they found a nice way to express their frustration using the world famous Divide and Rule method.

The reason that I am receiving hatred comments is weakness of some bloggers. It is great time for people to know how lame some people of the Mauritian blogging community are. I am sure I am not the first one who received hatred comments.

To the minority of rusty cunts who tried their best to malign this blog, I have a message for you. This minority consists of a blogger who think he is the social jury of Mauritian bloggers by only creating a Rapist Fuckwit List of blogs he hunts. The list also consists of a few sperm breath diggers who further pollute this community. To them I will say: I fuck you because I can Anus Wax!!


October 27, 2009 5 comments

I blogged on a number of posts of different nature since the 23 October. I also noted how the blog posts on Mauritius blogging circle created a discussion here and there. Is there a law saying an individual cannot blog or comment anonymously?

In the past a number of bloggers had to give justifications because they were blogging and writing comments in an anonymous way. Some people value identity more than views in a written post or comments.

The reaction to Shayus gives readers the impression that if a person want to set a blog, the person should be the friend of an established blogger. It is as if there is a rule claiming that a new blogger is obliged to put his/her family name on a blog. Many new bloggers and upcoming bloggers also have the impression that a person cannot create a blog without the blogging community green signal and if he/she does it, then he/she is labeled as a Hate Blog. A new blogger should ultimately be active on established blogs to increase the ego of self proclaimed giant bloggers.

My previous posts was intentionally very stingy. Reaction to Shayus confirms my views in the previous blog posts. Bloggers started to spit venom on each other. Some agreed with Shayus blog posts while others hated it because they were feeling targeted and insecure by the truth in these posts. A few people bent on aggressive language and speculation and a highly derivative fight started on Twitter.

I think the problem is that how a new blog has been the trending topic on the Mauritius blogging circle. Maybe many thought that only a few people have the right to blog on this sensitive issue. If, only some bloggers come out of the circle and view the blogging community from outside it would be good for the health of many. Mauritian bloggers have always looked across the blogging globe from the inside but never viewed it from a non blogger’s point of view.

Previously there was a tension about bloggers and journalists and now bloggers highly controversial problem is anonymous blogging. I had a good laugh yesterday seeing all these conflicts which confirm my opinion that the Mauritius blogging circle is mostly fueled by ego and also jealousy toward other bloggers. I noted how some bloggers were trying to misuse this Shayus personality to avenge their personal grudge and jealousy toward other bloggers. Mauritius Blogging Community should be more flexible to environmental changes as none can stop what is to come.

Invisible Blogging Circle

October 26, 2009 4 comments

I do not understand why some people were so much on the defensive concerning the post Lame Mauritian Blogger. Every action has a reaction and the reaction was hyper toned one. The Mauritius blogging circle is an interesting parameter to study as a phenomenon which does not exist.

Dying blog pic

Many are proud of the invisible blogging circle. While some pressured their whole family and friends to register on wordpress or blogspot, others want new born blogs to have a family history. This is the blogging circle.

I wonder based on which blogging circle so many people are proud of.  People were shouting about the number of bloggers listed on A, B, C listing system. We are not lame because we have a no ending list of bloggers. I checked the list and most of the blogs are inactive. Why are some people so proud of the blogging circle? 3/4 of Mauritian blogs are inactive and the active one’s are concentrated like a little drop of hypocrisy and if diluted it will evaporate.

Mauritius blogging circle, I think it would have been a matter of pride if the blogging circle was an active one. Mauritius has a dying blogging circle limited to few people who maybe do not want to see new bloggers. The blogging circle do consist of a number of blogs but those blogs are dying ones.

WhileDying to be famous, let us kill all new blogs and keep an invisible blogging circle.

Question : What are your views on Mauritius Blogging Circle?

Answer of a Mauritian blogger : Hypocrite bloggers.



Old cracking bones

October 25, 2009 5 comments

The old cracking bones, we can find them on each and every  signal lights of Mauritius. Reason for such cracking bones invasion in Mauritius street is free transport. These old people are really a pain by times.


You enter any public bus and you will discover the first 3 rows of seats reserved for the old ones. It is a hell of situation they won’t even move one centimeter so that  the working population get the corner seat.

When the bus stops at any terminal, the old people will take a hell of time to enter the bus leisurely defiler de mode commencer. This makes working people  lose time and the economy may crash due to old bones.

Old people get in an overcrowded bus and will expect people paying bus fare to give them a small place to sit. OMG if you get standing place, old ones are never going to propose about holding your bag 0r give your small kid a place. No need to give them your place next time.

The cracking bones always lament they got pain here and there, just check them  out on market days. They will be carrying whole market on their head dans soleil midi.

You enter in any bus may it be 6 am or 18pm, old craps are always in first row to sit. They going to make Mauritius world tour to decompress.

If free transport was not available then they would have been sitting at home and gossip about their daughter-in-laws.

It is great time we sent them to Ile aux cerfs.

Concerning comments in previous posts, I did not argue with anyone because neither I am here to prove I am right nor to contradict commentators views. My views are in blog posts agree or disagree.

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Lame Mauritian Blogger

October 24, 2009 15 comments

I have been following the small  blogging circle for the last 3 years. I will be stressing on the term lame again and again because this is the image of the Mauritian Blogging circle. I am not blogging to please X Y Z like the majority of lame Mauritian bloggers do and at same time acting as pro hypocrites. Better have enemies than hypocrite friends. Neither i want such friends in this blogging circle nor a place among the limited  circle.


There has been an evolution in the last 3 years in the small circle, the number of blogs increased but the number of comments remained status quo. Mauritians bloggers are not that daring to poke their long nose outside Mauritius main reason why comments level is limited to the lame circle.

There is a comment law theory in the circle. If Mr conne tou do not comment at Mr Fwitter place, then Mr Fwitter will not comment at Mr conne tou place.

The worst is that comments are limited to the small circle only and those bloggers value comments more than readers. By the way the comments are lame as well. One or two line comments : nice post , great etc. Isn’t this lame?

Among those blogs i came across an interesting phenomenon, there is one guy who really thinks he is the king of blogging because he has been on field since long. Above that he thinks he is a top model and upload his photos every time he gets the opportunity to.  He even dared to set a guideline that new bloggers should be in his good books to get a little place in his blogging circle. OMG everyone abides to his words.

The best part is that everyone seems good friends in the blogging circle, just show off that nu solidaire, nu ensam but at the end of the day they despise each other and are also jealous of each other. So sweet hypocrites.

These were my humble views on the Mauritian Blogging Circus.

Mauritian Mentality

October 23, 2009 6 comments

We, Mauritian got such a sucking mentality . Am i exaggerating? Hah many may get furious, by the way who said i do care? Joke of the day.


Yeah where was i? Yes Mauritian mentality. We Mauritian, we are on the top of the list pu veille zafer dimounn. Of course many of you reading this post will bluntly deny. Above veiller zafer, some of us are pro in gossiping and back biting. Phd in backbiting equal to Mauritian mentality.

Doesn’t matter that we are living in Mauritius or abroad. OMG those living abroad are worst because they have to keep in touch with two countries gossips. Wonder how they do  manage ?

So in short we are pro pu fer palab and veille zafer dimounn. Yes yes all of you can deny.

To note: Mauritians never gossip, they just do networking.